Are you keen to join the Skate Park Leagues Team? Express your interest now!

The YMCA are seeking enthusiastic and passionate people to support delivery of the Australian Skate Park League (SPL) program at skate parks across South East Queensland and New South Wales.

The SPL is an action sports program with a focus on empowerment of youth through community and personal engagement. Using skate, scooter and bmx events to showcase young people’s talent and providing opportunities for skate park users, the SPL events break down social and cultural barriers via the creation an inclusive environment for young people.

Key dates:

Sat 20th Jan – Queensland Program Launch & Training Day

Sat 16th Feb – New South Wales Program Launch & Training Day

About the role

SPL Program Officers and Volunteers use a variety of skills sets and require a deep understanding of the action sports community, skate park culture, events, and programming. Officers and Volunteers in this role are the public face of the SPL series, and are responsible for the hands-on delivery of each event.

  •  Work as part of a team to deliver skate park related competitions and events
  •  Event set-up, judging, MC and competitor registrations
  •  Comply with the YMCA’s SPL safety procedures, training and document control

If you live in New South Wales or Queensland and have a passion for not only action sports but youth development and engagement, express your interest here


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