In 2007 Skate Park Leagues, also known as SPL, was launched in partnership with the Victorian Skateboard Association (VSA) as a series of seven interconnected events throughout the South-Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

In 2015/16 the SPL series had grown to consist of 66 interconnected events across Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

Since 2018, the SPL was delivered in all states and territories (besides ACT) with a over 100 events. Looking forward, YMCA Action Sports plans to deliver over 100 SPL events per year and launch the program internationally.

2020 an online judging system was developed and implemented in 2021, along with new Leagues across the states.



Skate Park Leagues bring communities together in a public space where they have the opportunity to feel connected, and celebrates the talents of local skate park users of all ages, genders and backgrounds together.

This is done through running the SPL series which are community based grassroots events focusing on positive participation with Skate, Scoot, (Inline in TAS) and BMX competitions. The SPL series encourages the positive skate park culture of support and inclusion in the skate competitions.

Competitors accumulate points through participating in multiple SPLs that form the League Ladders. The top 3 skateboarders from each state will be invited to compete in the Australian Skateboarding Leagues (ASL) in Melbourne each March.



If you are a like-minded organisation and want to chat, or are a council or community member and would like to see a Skate Park League competition in your area, please send us an email at [email protected]

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