Wodonga Skatepark (a.k.a. James Scott Memorial Skatepark) at Willow Park, Wodonga located off Pearce St is one of two parks located in Wodonga. It was redeveloped in 2012, after considerations from the skating community. The relatively new skatepark offers urban plaza elements (rails, steps and ledges) as well as banked walls and a funbox. Additions such as a multi-directional path into the snake run were also upgraded from the existing jumpbox and quarter pipe.

Wodonga Skatepark offers multifaceted areas such as its adjoining basketball court and great variety of street sections with smooth transitions between sections granting it a well deserved four stars by the Skatermaps team. Let us know what you think down below!

We’ll be heading to Wodonga for the Skate Park Leagues comp happening on Saturday 20 December. Check out our events page for upcoming competitions.

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