Rosny Skate Park (AKA Kangaroo Bay or K-Bay) is a special concrete jungle in Hobart.

The skateboard park might even be the best in Tasmania. Featuring almost everything a skater, scooter or BMX’er could ask for with transition, street, open flow and even a rad bowl.

The skate bowl is shaped like a kidney, at least 6 ft in the shallow end and closer to 12 in the deep end, fully equipped with pool tiles and granite pool coping.

The street section is pretty comprehensive with some larger features along with a number of smaller obstacles. An epic skatepark that will appeal to most.

We’ll be heading to Rosny (Kangaroo Bay) for the Skate Park Leagues comp happening on Saturday 8 January. Check out our events page for upcoming competitions.

Get the virtual tour below or find more skateparks with Skater Maps.

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