The famous Mona Vale Skatepark undertook extensive renovations with some huge upgrades in 2016.

The old-school steel vert ramp has since been resurfaced with the best in the west premium skatelite surface.

Mona Vale Skatepark comprises a very comprehensive street park with an open-flow design and transitions to keep the momentum and flow. Mona Vale also features an epic vert ramp for those that are game.

The entire skatepark has basically been completely redone. It is hard to tell what the previous park looked like. Besides the vert ramp that has been resurfaced, we couldn’t tell you what was previously there as the rest of the park looks like the fresh, smooth concrete that loves to see and skate.

By far the best skateboard park on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Additionally probably the most popular skatepark on the Northern Beaches, which comes as no surprise to the analytical geeks @ Skater Maps. Build it, and they will come. Construct an awesome skatepark, and skaters will come far and wide to skate. If there is an awesome skatepark for a local grommet, they will learn to skate.

The rest of the Northern Beaches could learn a lesson from Mona Vale Skatepark, get on down, skate around and challenge yourself to drop into the vert ramp.

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