Twenty-two of Australia’s best 16&U skaters were invited to Riverslide Skate Park to compete in The Australian Skateboarding League National Final. The semi-final kicked off tonight at 6:30pm, all skaters where given two sixty second runs of the park. The top six skaters of both heats combined qualify for the final of the 16&U which is taking place tomorrow Saturday the 10th at 6:55pm.

Congratulations to our top six skaters who have qualified for the final tomorrow:

1st – Kieran Woolley (75.92 points)

2nd – Bailey Ryan (72.24 points) 

3rd – Tom Richardson (66.43 points)

4th – Max Bardas (65.38 points)

5th – Kai Roden (62.69 points)

6th – Jake Lara (57.97 points)


Shout-out to the following skaters for their notable performances in today’s heats:

Kody Ward – who’s only been skating for a year, and is years ahead!

Patrick Brearley

Kieran Woolley

Tom Richardson

Jake Lara

Khalif Siregar