Season Dates

As of 2020 the SPL season League Ladders will run between 1st Jan until 31st Dec.

This will apply for the league ladders in every state and territory. These changes will mean the league ladders will be reset for all riders on 31st December each year.

Placing Criteria (Series Ladders)

The SPL State Series placing system awards place getters with a set amount of points for each heat, (see ranking table below).

This system is designed to reward participation and heat winner’s equally and keep the placing in reach of each other.

Each State Series Final will be scored based on the accumulative points awarded throughout the series.

This system awards participation & commitment to a series whilst allowing all the top leader board competitors with a chance win the series.

In the unlikely event the state series ends in a tie a bonus point will be awarded to the competitor who has accumulated the highest level of 6 point tricks.

The SPL Judging and Assessing Criteria has been developed and endorsed under the supervision of the Victorian Skateboarding Association.

1st Place – 40 Points
2nd Place – 30 Points
3rd Place – 25 Points
4th Place – 20 Points
5th Place – 19 Points
6th Place – 18 Points

Judging Principles

All competitors will be judged on the tricks they land and the quality of tricks.

The greater the difficulty, the greater the score.

Contestants will be marked down if they continue to do the same tricks.

Tricks done after time don’t count. If you want one more shot, that’s fine, but it won’t be tallied towards your total score.

All Judges have been riding for a long time. They only make decisions based on their professional opinion. If you disagree with a decision or competition outcome, please don’t take it personally.

The points system is used only as a guide, the final decision is for the judges to discuss and make based on overall event and competition factors.

Please do not disturb judges whilst they are judging.

Event Formats

Competitions will be held in a similar format and run lengths may vary depending on the number of entrants and other factors.

Majority of SPL competitions use the single run format but other formats may be used when needed:

Single Run Format: Each rider will receive a minimum of two 45 second runs. The points from both runs will be added together. Time commences on the competitors first trick attempt. No points can be scored after the last trick.

Jam Session Format: Usually three riders per session. Typically three minute sessions. Top six scoring riders go into a final jam.

Best Trick Format: Best trick events are subjective and to the judge’s discretion. Riders will be given a set amount of time to land a trick on a specific section of the park. Tricks landed after the allocated time will not be considered.

Sponsored Riders

Sponsorship must be declared upon entry.

Shop or flow sponsored riders are encouraged compete in the highest age division.

A suitable division will be determined by the head judge in consultation with the competitor on the day of the event.

Competitor conditions of Entry

All competitors must wear helmets whilst competing (helmets provided).

All entrants under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their competition entry form.

Management reserves the right to refuse entry.

Entrants under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be refused entry.

Management reserves the right to move competitors into higher or lower age divisions depending on age and skill level or competitor.

Competitor injury during heat

If a competitor is injured or has a substantial fall during a heat, he or she may opt to suspend the run and continue with the remaining time after a rest or injury analysis is completed. The competitors existing time is moved to the bottom of the division. The competitors run will recommence from the area of the skate park in which the time had stopped to avoid gaining a time advantage from the run suspension.


All competitors must demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.

All competitors must follow the direction of the event staff & emcee.

Respect all competitors, league officials, judges and spectators.

There is to be no skating whilst another competitor is having their run.

Judges may opt to deduct points from another competitor for such behaviour.

Competitor’s Code of Conduct

Competitors shall not use abusive or disrespectful language.

Competitors shall not taunt or humiliate any other participant.

Competitors shall not abuse, mistreat or mishandle any event equipment or property (e.g. throwing helmets or boards).

Prizes Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide clarity around how prizes are awarded at SPL events.

Prizes and giveaways will be awarded at SPL events under the following conditions.
1st 2nd and 3rd place winners (under each age division) will be awarded a medal or trophy.
At the discretion of the event organisers prize amounts and giveaways may vary.
Compulsory prize winning is not mandated for SPL events.

In the incidents where prize allocations are provided, they will be distributed by the following methods, as directed by the event organisers and or participating sponsors
1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters
VIP or most improved
Best trick or slam awards
Encouragement awards or raffle

SPL Anti Hater Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the haters don’t hate, and events can continue to be delivered in a fashion which is enjoyable for all participants.

As a grass roots program, the SPL management and stakeholders (Victorian Skateboarding Association, Skate Australia, YMCA and Local Government Partners), have developed a Anti Hate Policy.

The Anti Hate Policy outlines our stance and thinking around discrimination and inclusion of all users groups at SPL events and programs.

As noted above, the SPL is a grass roots competition series, this series is delivered nationwide and aims to connect and develop the skills of people that use skate parks throughout Australia and the wider Asia pacific region.

The SPL is not intended to be an exclusive or elitist competition series. The intent behind the SPL is to celebrate Skate Park culture and community by bringing people together around a civic event, and to provide opportunities to develop skills in a competitive environment.

By bringing people together we also aim to include and embrace diversity within our community.

Considering SPL management and stakeholders work with local or state based governments to fund and or deliver SPL programs we are obliged to provide an engagement opportunity that reflects the local communities and our expertise.

SPL also rewards participation by accumulating points towards the state based ranking system. Participants who may not be the necessarily best have the opportunity to work hard to make the state representation.

SPL program organisers, volunteers, staff and contractors will:

Not hate on, discriminate or exclude a skate park users groups if we have the resources and expertise to engage them.

Recognise, engage and celebrate people of all abilities.

Up hold the values as implied by this policy.

When the expertise, resources and time are available, organisers will include extra divisions or rounds to ensure all ages, genders and user groups are catered for.

SPL Members will:

Participate in the SPL for fun.

Respect each other’s competition run times and selected use of the park.

Respect the decisions of the judges, and where possible provide assistance to, or comply with reasonable requests made by event organisers.

Include the parents and guardians of members classed as minors.

Comply with the competitor’s code of conduct.

Affirmative Action and Diversity statement

The purpose of this statement is to provide clarity and direction of the engagement and development of female participants within our series and sport

The YMCA and VSA are committed to removing any barriers to equal opportunity faced by women and will take positive steps to promote their equality.

We recognise, respect and value the diversity of our employees, volunteers and Members throughout all the communities we operate in.

Diversity covers gender, age, language, ethnicity, cultural background, religious beliefs, disability, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, educational level, work experience, socio-economic background, personality and marital status

With intent SPL governance and event organisers are developing strategies to grow and include more women within our programs and events; this includes but isn’t limited to:

Representation of females and other VSA board level (50% or more by 2019)

Employment of females as key delivers within our events teams

Promotion of females in media as SPL

Equal prize money allocation for open division (15+ age groups)

Supporting the growth and development of community groups with a focus on female participation