DECLARATION: I certify that I am medically fit and able to enter any activity being conducted. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless any or all the parties involved in organising and or conducting the activities (‘the parties”) from all actions, claims, damages, expenses which I might otherwise have against any or all of the parties howsoever arising out of my participation in any activity. In the event of me sustaining injury while participating in any activity, I authorise the parties to seek whatever medical and like treatment they deem necessary and appropriate for me whereby I hereby agree to be liable for such treatment, or in the alternative, reimburse the parties for the cost of same. I acknowledge by signing this Entry Form, or a parent or guardian doing so on my behalf, I agree to be bound by all the conditions of the activity.Victorian Skateboard Association Membership: By entering this competition you will automatically become a member of the Victorian Skateboard Association (VSA). By completing and signing this form, your details will be added to the VSA database and may receive updates from the VSA in relation to the ASL and SPL series. Your membership to this important not-for-profit organisation is valued and we value your privacy.

Privacy Statement: The YMCA and VSA acknowledges and respects privacy of individuals. The information that is being collected on this document is for the purposes of processing your enrolment in a YMCA children’s service, providing you with updated information and assisting us improve our services to you. The personal information collected is of the parents/ guardians and the child enrolled in the program. By completing this form, the YMCA accepts that the parents/ guardians of the child have consented for this information to be collected. The intended recipients of this information are the YMCA, VSA and its authorised staff, program sponsors and relevant Government authorities. You have the right to access and alter personal information concerning yourself or your child in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act (Amended 2001) and YMCA Privacy Policy. As part of your enrolment with the YMCA, you will receive information from time to time regarding our programs and services. The YMCA may also provide promotional material from our strategic partners, or any other third party, if you do not wish to receives this information please tick the “OPT OUT” box below and return this to the YMCA. Your name will be removed from the mailing list within a reasonable period of time.

Right to Use Image: In participating in the ASL or SPL events, I hereby grant permission to the Victorian YMCA, Community Programming Pty Ltd and partnering Local Government Authorities and program sponsors, the right to use my physical likeness without restriction in any promotion or promotional material created by or for the YMCA Skate Services programs or events. This includes photographs published to online social networking websites such as Facebook. I accept that no fee or remuneration will be provided for my appearance in any YMCA Skate Services Program related promotions, and grant unlimited use of my image for this purpose only.