Happy NAIDOC Week! This year’s theme is Heal Country.

Country is a big part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. Country is often referred to as a living thing and is revered. Country is what keeps us alive physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially and culturally. As country is so interwoven in our being, it must be protected; as without it, we’d cease to exist.

This year’s theme calls for the healing of country. This doesn’t just mean protecting nature, but also protecting the culture from being desecrated, exploited, destroyed or forgotten. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have been living on this country for millennia. They know better than anyone how to nurture, preserve and protect it.

It is our responsibility to educate ourselves and enact change so that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities are equally represented and supported in all facets of our country – political, historical and cultural.

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