Magnetic Island located just North East of Townsville in QLD is not just a holiday destination but also a skateboarding dream for those searching for mellow transitions and an open flow park.

The concrete is smooth and the park has heaps of sections and pockets to hit. Heaps of quarters, rails, banks, ledges and more features laid out on a smooth concrete surface. The flat down bar is a recurring obstacle, but who doesn’t appreciate a little bit of gravity when smashing your board against steel.

The skatepark features a solar power roof that is the first we have come across to date, but something that we hope to see more of in the future. Super fun, versatile park and a reason to bring your skateboard, scooter or bike to Magnetic Island. 

Queenslanders, keep an eye out. Programs and events coming soon!

Get the virtual tour below or find more skateparks with Skater Maps.

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