Original story appeared in Surf Coast Times.

July 23, 2020 |By Klaus Nannestad

ANGLESEA Recreation Camp has been selected as one of eight YMCA camps to receive federal government funding to help it provide programs for young Aboriginal people.

The $300,000 grant will help the YMCA deliver the Aboriginal Camping and Active

Recreation Project, which seeks to reconnect young Aboriginals to their culture, while also helping them form new friendships and build their confidence.

National youth programs and events manager for YMCA Action Sports Nick Buskens said the funding along with the YMCA’s existing connections would help it deliver a quality program.

“Our Aboriginal partner organisations will deliver a large portion of the programming, providing opportunities for participants to meet Aboriginal elders and learn more about the culture and land they meet on. The YMCA will provide all the recreational and camping activities, healthy food and fun that comes with a Y camp experience.”

The Anglesea Recreation Camp will work with Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-Operative to deliver the program.

Wathaurong elders and leaders will run sessions on culture and identity for the participants.

Part of the program will also see the YMCA Action Sports team deliver skateboarding lessons, with participants receiving a free skateboard at the end. This follows a skateboarding competition Anglesea Recreation Camp ran in 2019 that was very well received.

The camps will be delivered to a combined total of about 320 participants.

Due to the coronavirus, only two of the YMCA’s camps in Victoria remain open.

There is subsequently no set date for the program, although there are already plans being made for its delivery.