Eleven of Australia’s finest Open Women skaters were invited to Riverslide Skate Park to compete in The Australian Skateboarding League National Final. The semi-final kicked off at 1:00pm an was divided into two small heats. All skaters were given two sixty second runs of the park to show the crowds of Moomba Festival what they had in them. The top six skaters of both heats combined qualify for the final of the Open Female division which is taking place tonight at 7:40pm.


Congratulations to our top six skaters who have qualified for the final tomorrow:

1st – Hayley Wilson (78.03 points)

2nd – Kat Williams (73.54 points)

3rd – Liv Lovelace (69.72 points)

4th – Ava Godfrey (68.15 points)  

5th – Aimee Massie (63.66 points)

6th – Haylie Powell (63.36 points)


Shout-out to the following skaters for notable performances in today’s heats:

Kat Wilson – for a perfect first run.

Layla Curnow – at just eight years of age Layla has a huge future ahead of her in skateboarding.

Liv Lovelace

Hayley Wilson

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