SPL Spotlight aims to shine light on individuals who have supported the Skate Park Leagues program. These people always show high levels of commitment, passion and enthusiasm.

Here’s what Tate Adams from Brisbane had to say when we asked him a couple questions about BMX:


  1. Your name, age and where you are from?

My name is Tate Adams, I am 18 and from Brisbane, Australia.


  1. When did you start BMX riding?

I started riding in 2013 when I was 14.


  1. When did you first start competing at SPL comps?

I began competing at SPL comps this year, my first one being at Inala.


  1. Why did you start BMX riding?

I was introduced to the sport by my older brother who is also a BMX rider, he’s always been my inspiration and someone I look up to.


  1. What do you like about the Skate Park Leagues Program?

I like that the SPL program creates opportunities for riders to compete in and is inclusive of BMX, Skateboard and scooter riders.


  1. How have you grown as a BMX rider and individual from competing at Skate Park League Comps?

It has made me learn more tricks, push myself further with confidence riding in front of people even if no other BMX riders turn up, and also to become a better rider.


  1. Favourite Skate Park / spot? Why?

My favorite skate park is Murrarie because it was my first park I rode at, it’s small but I love it. I also love Paddington because of the flow. I frequently train at the Inala Skate Park and travel around to a lot of parks.


  1. How do you think local communities and skate parks benefit from the SPL program coming to their towns?

I think that the program allows people in the community to participate and have fun in a safe and encouraging environment. The program also improves the image of skate parks, and also brings people from outside of the area which is awesome!


Photo Credit: Emma-Lea @em_zinger

Follow Tate on Instagram, @tateadams_bmx




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  1. Matthew Lampe

    This is awesome tate. You have come a long way in your riding, it have enjoyed going riding and teaching you along the way.
    Now you are teaching me things. Keep up the great riding bro.

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