YMCA Action Sports main program is Skate Park Leagues (SPL). The SPL is an interconnected skate park competition series that offers local youths who skateboard, BMX and scooter ride, a chance to showcase their skills whilst promoting positive use of council skate parks and skate park culture. SPL also aims to provide typically disengaged young people a chance to feel engaged with their local community, a chance to feel valued and have a platform to showcase their talent along with being linked in to a national pathway/series.

The SPL was launched in 2007 in partnership with the Victorian Skateboarding Association as a series of 7 interconnected events throughout the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Within 2018, the SPL was delivered in all states and territories besides ACT with a over 100 events. Looking forward, YMCA Action Sports plans to deliver over 100 SPL events per year and launch the program internationally.

If you are a like-minded organisation and want to chat, or are a council or community member and would like to see a Skate Park League competition in your area, please send us an email at skateparkleagues@ymca.org.au

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